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hot foot bath
Blood sugar check
Face masks from Noni fruit
back adjustments
making Noni juice


more back adjustments


vital signs check
drinking coconut water

Hi everyone, I got to join a health awareness program presented this week by the Kiribati Health Retreat at one of the villages on the island. A lot of work has been done by the Health Retreat and it has been nice to be a little part of it. There were about 40 people attending this program which usually lasts 4 days. The members of the program do health talks every day and teach people how to take care of their bodies. In a few previous posts I talked more in detail about the work the Health Retreat offers to their people. Basically, they do these programs every month in different villages for ministry outreach and health awareness. It’s great to see how people could benefit from this program spiritually and physically.   – Nadia

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  1. Спасибо огромное мои дорогие за каждый update. Мы очень благодарны Богу за вас и за ваши верные сердца. Пусть Бог продолжает двигать всё для Его славы. И пусть продолжает благословлять и использовать вас. Мы молимся за вас. Обнимаем и целуем, семья Presteguin

    1. Спасибо дорогие наши за все ваши молитвы и финансовую поддержку! Спасибо Господу за вас!!! Пусть наш милостивый Бог всегда будет с вами. Любим вас и молимся за вас!!!

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