Exciting News!

We have exciting news to share with you all! One of our mission projects was on hold for a while. In the summer of 2015 my son Mark and I went to the beautiful city of Moab to collect a stationary X-Ray unit. Our good friend Dr. Marquardt donated the very expensive medical equipment towards our mission from his clinic. After we were finished building crates and disconnecting all of the electronics we were able to transport all of the donated equipment to Moses Lake WA. This year our partners mission Search for One is shipping a new container to Tarawa. Our friends are willing to take all the X-Ray equipment with the shipment as well. Currently we are praying and planning a new trip to Tarawa in the fall of 2019. I’m especially excited because some of our dear friends from Crossroad Medical Ministry will be coming with us on this trip. The plan is to have part of the team working on the instillation of the X-Ray and training X-Ray techs and the other part doing medical work. Dear friends please pray for success of this ministry so that our Lord Jesus will reveal himself through this work. Also, please pray for much needed resources to purchase the rest of the necessary equipment and medicine. If you would like to become a partner in this project feel free to donate through the tax deductible link in our blog. A donation of any amount is much appreciated. May the Lord Bless you.

Serge Domas

The equipment we are delivering.

This piece of equipment needs to be purchased as well.

Rawanda Africa

I would like to start by saying thank you to everyone who supported this recent trip to Rawanda, Africa with medical supplies, school supplies, finances, and prayers. There were many church services held from village to village after which many people would receive medical care. We were able to visit an orphanage with children who have HIV, that was truly a blessing and in many ways heartbreaking. We had the opportunity to give the nuns at the orphanage medical supplies, school supplies, as well as, some clothing for the children. As a team we were able to bring 250 lbs of school supplies for the newly opened school that was recently built by one of the missionaries. These kids each got presents and the teachers were excited to receive supplies for the school year. We were blessed to be apart of this experience in Africa and are looking forward to more medical mission trip to places we feel called to!

“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward them for what they have done.” Proverbs 19:17

“The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.” Proverbs 22:9


Some of the school kids
Local housing
Treating patients
Church service
Many people listening to the word of God

so many babies with HIV

Kiribati Team 2018

Hello friends, it’s been a while since we posted on the blog, but the Lord is still great and the work hasn’t stopped. In October 2018, we were blessed to visit Kiribati with a team of six people from Alaska. In the span of two and a half weeks we visited three islands. The capitol island as well as two outer islands. Our team is incredibly thankful that the Lord kept us safe when we traveled by boat from one island to another through rough weather. We were able to see many patients on the outer islands, and are immensely grateful for the opportunity we had of serving others as a team. May the Lord bless every single one of you who are willingly supporting the mission with your prayers and finances. Let us all do a part in the Kingdom of God with our different talents, so that when He comes we can hear “Well done, good and faithful servant”. Nadia

children enjoying their coconut while waiting for their families to be seen

boat ride to one of the outer islands
seeing patients daily
our amazing team

Prayer Request

Family and friends, during the Holidays we are wishing you the gift of love, friendship, and good health. We are grateful to Our Savior for His perfect Gift to All, and for His love and blessings that surround us daily. It is a privilege to see and understand how blessed we are being open and able to help those in need.

On our most recent trip to Kiribati, we visited the Tarawa Hospital and found out from their ER employees, that they are short of basic supplies such as thermometers, oxymeters and sphygmomanometers (blood pressure monitor). Each Ward at the Hospital, and they have six of them, consists up to 40 beds and only one set of vital signs monitors are available to monitor patients vitals. I remember how hard it was to performed any nurses’ tasks while volunteering at the Tarawa Hospital, because of a lack of equipment/supplies. At this time the Tarawa ER has no thermometers. We are planning on shipping a couple of boxes with basic supplies. If any of you are interested in participating in this cause through donating any supplies previously mentioned, we would greatly appreciate your help.

We would like to ask you for your prayers, so God would continue to use us, and open many opportunities to serve His people close and far. This Holiday Season let us cherish family and friends and keep each other in our thoughts and prayers.

Emergency Room at the Tarawa Hospital

ER at Tarawa Hospital

~ Nadia 

October 2017 Kiribati Trip

A couple days have passed by since the return of our team from the country of Kiribati. (Joel, his wife Karen and Bethany) all accompanied me on this three week mission trip to Kiribati. Time went by very quickly. It is always challenging to go to an undeveloped country to provide service, because you never know what you could face on the road, with each trip encountering something new :). This time we had trouble in customs and our passports where confiscated. it’s not something we could have ever expected, but we had a great experience in trusting God, and in the faith to see God’s hand with protection and care each day. The Passports where  confiscated due to required paperwork not being submitted to the General Hospital and Immigration office by certain people who were in charge. After 5 days we had approval to do medical work on the islands of Kiribati. Our work begin on the outer Island of Abaiang. Among us we had a local doctor, nurse, and four helpers which were all volunteers. Five days in a row, village after village we were able to see patient’s in the Maneaba’s (place of gathering). In five days we were able to visit one isolated island Ribono. We had 5 stations where different services took place, back adjustments, dispensing of medications, and two stations where the local doctor and a nurse saw their patients as well as a station for prescriptive glasses.  After we returned from the outer island of Abaiang to the main Island of Tarawa the work didn’t stop. During our time on the island we visited a couple SDA churches where patients where being treated from those particular villages. On our last day of work we went to one of the Islands main centers to do medical check-ups, where we got to reach many people successfully. Another way we got to serve the people of Kiribati was through a portable photo printer. Watching how happy the people were when they received their photos was a real highlight of the trip. Some of the most touching moments I had was when we were able to pray for the patients, and tell them about Our God Jesus Christ who loves them and cares for them. Watching tears and joy from the people, and feeling Gods presence melted my heart. Creating thanksgiving to Our Savior who was always there for all His creation to give them hope and a future.  A lot of work has been accomplished but much more is ahead of us.

I would like to express gratitude to our families who supported us. Big thanks’ to all of those who were supporting this trip with prayers and the giving finances making this trip possible! We will continue working together and glorifying our God in all we do!

“I have my 18 year old eyes back”

Our local helpers

village to village

Our wonderful Teera, local RN and friend (yummy coconut water)

height and weight check

keeping records

Joel, printing and giving away photos

Bethany preforming blood sugar checks

Karen dispensing medications

Hello dear friends! It’s been a while since we’ve shared anything on the blog, but the work hasn’t stoped. For a while now a team of four, myself included, were preparing for our upcoming trip to Kiribati, beginning in October 24th. Once again we are going there to do medical work. This time it will be only for a little more then 3 weeks. The Lord has been blessing us and even the little details are working out great! With the help of many we got donated and purchased medications, as well as donated supplies and glasses. We have been able to purchase Welch Allyn otoscope and ophthalmoscope device and do services for autorefractor (machine for eye examination for prescription glasses).
I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for taking part in this. For those coming along, donating money, medications, glasses, and other supplies. May the Lord pour His blessings on you and your families and provide you with all your needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus!

Nadia & family Domas


Quick Update

The last couple of months we were preparing for our upcoming trip to Kiribati. Our initial plan has changed. We can’t visit Nauru islands in October but will continue working on the governmental approval.
If you are interested in joining our team in the upcoming October trip to Kiribati, we will be happy to welcome you on board 😊

Please continue to pray for our forming team. Work on the islands of Kiribati can be challenging due to the hot climate and anti-sanitary environment.

For the first time we decided to try out our new bought LifeStraw mission purification system which can filter 18,000 Litters of water. In the hopes of not having stomach issues with the rain water intake.
In our previous trip to Kiribati and while staying there for one year, our family tried multiple brands of chlorine purification drops which irritated our stomachs and we end up with drinking rain water straight from the water tank. Not alway pleasant and refreshing a specially when u see mosquito larvae swimming in it and a slimy after-taste but enough for our survival (a little taste for you before you go) 😊 And like I mentioned, I can’t wait to try out our new system 😀
If you have any questions you can email me directly @ domasfamily@yahoo.com

Keeps us in your prayers and see you on board!

We are back home!

Hello everyone! After a few weeks in Washington state, we are back in Alaska! Home, safe and sound. God is so graceful to us and we see His providing hand by being accepted and receiving jobs at Interior Alaska Medical Clinic.

We are happy to announce that the two volunteer boys that helped us the whole year in Tarawa Health Center are now in Fiji! They are going through the course of natural medicine. They are enjoying the time they get to learn and are hoping to come back and help the people of Kiribati.

We are home but we aren’t done with our mission work. Our plans are to continue our work in Kiribati. The next planned trip is possibly this October and Lord willing, will continue once or twice a year.

The clinic there is open to anyone who wants to serve and do medical work, even without us there. A big thank you to everyone who prayed and supported us and still is through all this work!

— We have a prayer and financial request. The Tarawa Health Center is currently very low on basic medications such as Analgesics, Antibiotics, and much more. We are looking at possibilities of purchasing and shipping the medications to Kiribati. Please pray for doors to be opened so that we can accomplish the task with God’s help. We know that He is the provider of all the resources needed for Tarawa Health Center to be open and to continue providing medical care for those in need!

May God bless you!

Nadia and family.

Clinic Building pictures Before and After








Upstairs room

Upstairs room

Upstairs room

Clinic and room area (divided eventually)

Bedroom downstairs

Clinic area

Thank you my dear husband and all who helped on the awesome job with the building renovation.

Huge thank you to Frances and Pete Hallgren for your financial support and prayers. With your and others financial support we were able to renovate the building which is now a fully functioning clinic. May the Lord bless you for everything you did and do for this mission.


Trip to Kiribati

on the way to Abaiang

Dr.Kautu, Serge, and Dr. Andreassen

local hut, home for the week

pancakes with shredded coconut for breakfast

morning devotion

catholic church built 1907

Ruby’s blood sugar check station

back adjustments

people waiting to be seen

local “dispensary”

ear lavage “station”

growth removal on face at Tarawa Health Center

Tarawa Kiribati: 2016/2017
Arriving home 3 days ago from Tarawa allows me to reflect on the trip which started the evening of December 13 and ended the early morning of January 6. Having been on a trip to the Island in 2014 there are some obvious changes in the geography. The most obvious is significantly improved and surfaced roads through the Island. Many side streets are also blacktopped now. The people are the same. They are the most friendly smiling fun loving people I have ever met anywhere in the world. People have been wonderful in the country of Peru, Guatemala, Mexico and Interior Alaska, where I have done mission trips. Though these other places are wonderfully friendly and the friendship is delightful there is something that is over-the-top with the Kiribati people. The weather this time matches what I experienced as an adolescent in Missouri during the months of July and August. The temperatures were running in the 80s and the humidity was high. It felt the same as when I was back in Missouri. This year the expected rain at this time has not occurred and it is very dry. It only rained twice during the time spent on the Islands. The biggest adjustment , is adjusting to the different foods prepared for us with such loving hands. Every place we served the medical needs of the people, it was a new and different day and style of medicine. Getting there and back was the most difficult trip I have made . This trip allowed God to demonstrate His miraculous presence many times, and it was worth going just for that experience with God’s hand moving in our behalf. As usual, there are lots and infections of every part of the body. Only saw one case of lepersy. Removed one facial teratoma. Saw lots of bronchitis for which we were informed afterward that there was an outbreak of TB in that site…suspected several cases but were unable to test for TB. The northern portion of the outer island of Abaiang has facial features of the Europeans and it was the first island that missionaries came to. The care of the people on the outer islands require carrying all the meds and items you need along with you, for the “clinic” run by a local nurse is not available nor equipped to service a sudden influx of 2-300 cases needing meds and supplies. We did contact and got the blessings of the local clinic nurse before barging into her territory of responsibility. The biggest surprise was the extensively decay of the teeth of the people on the northern portion of the island of Abaiang. A few miles to the south, on the same island and on the main atoll of Tarawa, had very minimal tooth decay and the teeth are shining white. They say the teeth stay white because they use the inside of the banana peel to rub their teeth and gums with….also chewing of the ripe pandanus fruit cleans the teeth like using dental floss.
The newly established Tarawa Health Center, has been the daily work of Nadia and Serge Domas and family along with many local nationals. It is well organized and a delight to work in. There are nurses and assistants to help anyone coming to work for these people medically. A trip to an outer island is planned by Gary Morgan of “Search for One”. It will start in February 14 and end about one month later in March 2017. I am planning on going back again this year, probably for three weeks during the October 2017 time period and would be happy to encourage others to go along…seems to always need the number of willing volunteers that God sends to the battlefront of service for His Kingdom. The style of the medical work is really different at the Tarawa Center, were I would see about 35 patients/day, as compared to the outer island work sites , where up to 100 patients would be seen each day by each medical provider. Nurses and other medical personnel were able to see and treat patients, which is really “foreign” to our US medical systems. More charting at the “Center” and much less paper work for the outer island patients. My, mostly unpadded skinny behind, became sore each day from sitting on a hard plastic or metal chair for the many hours in patient care. Patients would line up for the visit to the provider and the next group of patients to be seen sat in a circle listening and learning about whatever the current patient’s issues were. No HIPPA out there, all a big family with nothing secret or hidden. We had several stations for medical care providers set up and a “pharmacy” and a treatment area where ear wax plugs would be removed, or back and spine adjustment were provided.
I did not have time to get in touch with my emotions while in the “trench” working, but the moment the Fiji Airplane broke ground on the way back to Nadi Fiji, I was overcome with emotion. These people are family to me and I love them…I must go back again and again. Hopefully, in October of this year. All the nearly 24 hours in actual flight and the additional 5 days I spent on the ground sleeping on the concrete floor hoping for passage on the next flight to Tarawa,and the two weeks in care for their needful bodies, seemed to wash away my sore behind and tired body and bronchitis . Service to any underserved group, is a privilege, but when the served are really happy to have whatever you are able to bring and express their praise and thanks, it really creates a joy within my soul that only experiencing it could ever do justice to.
There were many following along my journey as I FB sent out messages and pictures. So many of my friends prayed us through this trip for which I am sooo very thankful. As for now, May the Lord Bless all those praying, organizing, raising and giving funds and those on the “ground working”. In God’s way of doing everyone has a part and every one is blessed when playing their part.
See you on the next trip for God’s biding?
Ray Andreassen, DO
PS: My 11 ½ y/o, granddaughter Ruby went along and turned out to be a great medical assistant…she is welcome to go along anywhere with this “grandpa” medical provider.