One of the names of God is Jehovah Jireh, and that means, “the Lord our provider”, and also, “the Lord will provide”.

I am constantly amazed when I see God’s work. Throughout this entire project, numerous times, we have all seen the Lord’s hand working. Now, another step in our journey.
Recently my youngest son Mark and I returned home to Alaska from another project in the States.

The project we were working on was to obtain donated medical equipment in the state of Utah, and then deliver it to the state of Washington. This will be shipped later to the island of Tarawa.
Before we even began working on this project, God was providing all of the necessary finances, tickets to and from AK to Washington, through the local church and many friends. His
Mighty Hand orchestrated even the smallest plans and details of the trip.

The biggest role God is using, is to work through other people. It all started when our friend Dr. Donald N. Marquardt decided to help our mission work by donating an almost new X-Ray
unit and lots of other expensive medical equipment. When we first found out about his offer, it was hard to believe that it was true! Working in the medical field, my wife Nadia and I
understand how extremely expensive this kind of equipment is.

Dr. Marquardt lives in the beautiful city of Moab, UT. It is surrounded by naturally formed arches and rocks of various kinds. The hospitality and kindness of the people from Moab made
us feel at home. It was a busy 3 days. Our friend Bob Fullmer and my son Mark got busy building crates and boxes for the medical equipment. I was working on disconnecting and
taking apart the X-Ray unit. The job had continued from early morning till late in the night. Three days later we were ready to load all of the equipment onto the truck and trailer.

To be honest, I am not always a man of ‘Great Faith’. For example, on the third day when we were ready to load, I was starting to panic inside. I saw how difficult it would be to load a lot of
heavy equipment with only a few people. But as you all know, God is always faithful. He is our supplier. As friends in the church back in Alaska were praying, God sent people we didn’t
even personally know, to help us load.

I would like to mention one person, Doug Carroll. He came to help us that day. This man was so cleaver that he probably replaced 5 people. He brought a special cart that we used.
For example, one of the X-Ray lead doors weighed around 700 lbs.

We are grateful to our Lord for every person that He has sent to help us with the project. I would like to say thanks to everyone who has helped in any way, whether by prayers, financial support,
or any other way. My deepest gratitude and thanks go to; Dr. Marquardt, Dr. Andreassen, Bob Fullmer, Wendell Ward, Doug Carroll, Mary Kaspary, Michael Zyalik, Val Torba, Julia Fullmer, Tobin Dodge, Michelle Pester, Gary Morgan, Gary Blazek. Also, thank you to our local Amazing Grace Church and Seventh Day Adventist Church of Delta Junction, without whom this project would be impossible.

Now to our God and Father be the glory forever and ever! Amen.
Philippians 4:20


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