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  1. Привет моим друзьям😊 Спасибо большое за все фотографии и сообщение что вы живы и здоровы! Здание которое вам выделили очень даже не плохое не считая сколько вам еще нужно сделать работа там😉 ну ничего даст Бог все сделается! Только вот крысы…😁 вам надо где-то раздобыть стаю котов на борьбу с крысами😀 Кристина молодец ее всегда тянет к малышам! Где вы сейчас живете, и как адоптируетесь? Благословений вам от Господа и пусть Божия охрана всегда будет над вами! Еще раз спасибо за фото😘

    1. Thank you Tanya! We are staying at the friend house where we stayed before when we came for the short term. They are very friendly, nice people, don’t know what we would do with out them now. They are helping us on the clinic project and we are planning to work together in the future. God is great! Our adaptation is much better then we thought, although Daniel and Mark had ear infection already. Glad we had medications with us so it could be treated. Some stomach problems but not as bad as previous time and one of us had skin problem and eye problem like allergy after cleaning the building which is full of rat feces and cockroaches. Not easy adaptation for kids a specially when they see mice jumping out of the cabinet where dishes are stored or cockroaches running over clean spoons in the cabinets 😉

  2. Our wonderful family, praise God with your visit to the health minister. We are praying, praying, praying. Hugs and kisses to all of you.
    Airen says that the rat superstition is same in Philippines. Rats are vengeful and people feed the rats to maintain friendly relations. I suggest you don’t feed them. We’ll keep the problem in prayer, God will work this out. How I wish we were there to help getting clinic started. Thinking of you guys every day.

  3. So glad you guys are there. We prayed a special prayer today at church that the rats would go away. God can do all things. May God continue to bless your endeavor. Praying for you all.

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