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Hello everyone,

We have a problem. Please pray. In our clinic building we have a lot of rats.  We are facing a problem right now. The rats are destroying our food and medications. Sadly everything we moved from the container has to go back to the container until we solve this problem. The buildings around all have rats as well. The locals are saying that they can not kill the rats, because they are superstitious and believe that the rats will pay them back. We believe in prayers, please pray with us.

Serge & Nadia

13 thoughts on “Prayer request”

    1. Thank you for your prayers. We would like to express our biggest thanks to your family for donating to us the water filter system, it is not running yet, due to many issues we are facing here with unloading the container, but it came safely to the island and we are planning to use the water filter system as soon we will be able to. For now we are using the chlorine drops in the water, and taking the charcoal pills daily. May God bless you abundantly for what you’ve done.

      1. Guys can you get a cats ? when we lived in wa ,we had lot of rats and tried everything,and nothing helped until somebody bring us little kitten,rats gone 🙂 we also will pray for you ! love you

        1. Yes my dear, that’s exactly what we are planning to do, but first we will be poisoning them. They are huge and climb trees. thank you for you prayers! Nadia

  1. God is BIGGER then the rats! We had special prayer regarding the rats today in church…So glad to see pix and get insight to a focus of prayer…How goes the visas for the kids?

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