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I love the ocean
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Love these little kids
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little cutie

Hi everyone. 🙂 My parents gave me the opportunity to write a blog post for this week. I’ll start by saying that being here for three months was the fastest yet longest time of my life. The days are flying by so quickly, but the thought of being here for just three months is crazy…… So far being here really got me to realizing how much I had back home and how I always thought I didn’t have enough. I always wanted and needed something else, new or more. The people here don’t have much but they are content with their lives and everything they have. It really is an amazing thing to see and experience.

I’m getting really adjusted to the weather here, which is awesome. I love the heat and can’t really imagine the cold winters in Alaska anymore….. haha. For these three months one of us is constantly sick. Since being here I’ve had multiple sicknesses, allergies, skin rashes, boil, flu, pink eye and much more. It’s a part of adjustment here I guess…. Lol. I’m thankful to God for his healing and protection. Thank you all for your prayers. Love and miss you all!!!! Kristina

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  1. My dear friends, what a joy to my heart to read your blogs and look at your photos. I miss you guys soo much and am soo blessed to see your efforts for the Lord. God continue to strengthen and bless all you do. I pray that I can visit you some time. Let us know if anything in particular you should need or seek prayer for. We are very busy here and I have been very tired. We’re fostering more kids, and we are increasing with interested people to study with continue to pray for us. We think of you often.

  2. God has a way of changing our perspective on life :0) Enjoyed your Blog miss you all Jeanette

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