Island weekly news letter

welcoming new president of Kiribati
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welcoming new president of Kiribati
welcoming new president of Kiribati
welcoming new president of Kiribati
local girls making mats from the palm trees
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baby gecko
Island side near the port, lots of old ships just piled on the shore
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old ship wreak from the past storm
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world war 2 trophies
world war 2 trophies
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our family and helpers

This week the islands SDA church had a major event. They gathered together to welcome the new president of Kiribati and his cabinet. We had a privilege to be represented to the president and ministers. The president expressed his thanks to our family, for coming to his country with the much needed medical mission work. To me this is a great example of how I believe the church should approach the government in their countries. When the church gathers to pray and bless there leader, is very biblical.

Other big news on the island right now. We have a big outbreak of pink eye infection. It’s sad to see how uneducated the island people carry around rags witch they use to continuously wipe their eyes. Thinking they could help the infection but by doing it they are only making it worse, because when the other family members and children will get ahold of the rags they get sick as well. Thank you all for your continuous prayer and support, only with Gods power and grace that our family is able to overcome all the struggles and difficulties, until next time. Serge Domas

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