Greetings to All

Trip to the Hospital
Patients waiting at the Hospital
Girls and Mark singing with local youth, to the patients
OB unit
more singing
Vision check on the outer island
Vision check
People are very excited to be able to read, after many years


Giving away diapers
ladies are very happy to receive this small gift for their children
blood pressure checks

God is good, He is pouring out His love and care for His children all over the globe.
Last week we joined the local youth from the Church to visit Tarawa Hospital patients. The main purpose for the visit was to tell people with sickness or pain, about our Lord Savior and to bring them Hope through prayers and songs. It’s interesting to see how through visits, whether they are at the Hospital or at their homes (huts) God touches our hearts and we have more passion for Kiribati people.
The local church has been spreading the Gospel on an outer Island of North Tarawa and we decided to join them. Evangelistic meetings lasted every evening for two weeks. The third week was “Health week”. People were taught how to cook healthy meals, exercise, the importance of water intake and much more. It was Interesting to notice that most of the Kiribati people don’t drink water throughout their life. Parents teach their kids to drink sweetened drinks like coconut milk with sugar and water or coconut syrup that they make. Drinking water is something new to them and after they start drinking just plain, rain or well water without additives, they are amazed at how many health problems are resolved. A couple of times children and I joined some other church members in spreading a health message, checking blood pressure and giving away glasses for those who need them. It’s such an amazing thing to see how the transforming Power of the Lord changes people’s lives.
Special thanks from the Kiribati women to Olga Kibernik, Lyuba Taran, and everyone else who joined in donating cloth diapers. Thank you for thinking of that. The women here have never seen cloth diapers before. They are happy to have something like this. It can really save them some money, and give them an idea of how to make more diapers for their children.
Last but not least…………
The doors of our clinic are officially opened for a few weeks now, and we are busy seeing patients…………
May the Lord bless you all our dear family and friends for all your prayers and support.
Love, Nadia

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  1. God bless you Nadya and your family!!! Thank you for all the pictures! You are one awesome family!
    Praying for you!

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