My parents asked me to write what I think about Tarawa, so this is what I think.
The people of Tarawa are friendly and are very kindhearted. They are trying their best to live their lives, but a lot of people are really relaxed.
Tarawa has a lot of trash. The people here have the option of buying green garbage bags for 20 cents each, and the garbage truck comes and picks up all the trash. Most of the people buy the garbage bags but some don’t. So there is a lot of trash in the ocean that causes a lot of pollution so you can’t go for a swim in the ocean but I still do, in clean areas.
The people are in need of a lot of medical assistance, they have a lot of problems. I’m so happy we are helping the people here with their problems.
Of course I still miss home and friends, but i know I’m not going to be here forever.  MARK DOMAS

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  1. Glad to read your note! Hope u will be able to get some garden produce one of these days! Glad u r able to share with others what u have!

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