Our journey on this island has been long and hard but the fruits are starting to show from all of our collected labor.
The work with giving out glasses which I am doing has been a fulfilling task. I’m happy that there are people i can help.

There have been over 100 patients whom I was able to help going on to 200. We have an average of 7 people per day required there eyes to be checked, asking for reading glasses or those that are for distance. Very often we give each individual two pairs of glasses. Some days there is  a steady line of patents that have medical problems or require glasses, other days patients come in groups of three or four often friends.
I’m happy that I am able to work with the people of this island. I have steadily worked with patents for over a month now and I’m glad that we are of use here on the island. My favorite moments are those when there is someone who needs glasses and are often in poverty, I enjoy treating them to the best glasses and cases and it makes me happy when they here me say that everything that was given is a gift. I pray that all goes well with our readers, friends and family. God Bless             Daniel Domas  IMG_1678 IMG_1677