Thank You Letter

Thank you Mattea for the wonderful sign


Lice treatment
Morning devotions
Giving away cloth diapers


Check in, check out, and dispensary area.



Hi to everyone from HOT Tarawa Island. Our weather now is extremely hot, and sometimes we look at snowy Alaska pictures, and wish to jump into the snow and cool off, at least for a few minutes 🙂
Like I mentioned in the previous update, we are officially open to see patients, and have been for several weeks now. God is great; this is not only exciting for us, but for many people on Tarawa who have been waiting for this moment. We are very thankful to Kiribati Dr.Kautu for stepping in and helping us in this process. We are open Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we are close. But, of course, people come after hours and on the weekends if they need help.
Over the past 3 weeks we saw about 100 and more patients every week, including patients coming for vision testing and glasses. Daniel is the main person who works with the glasses and vision checks.
I’m very happy that I had time to go over all the boxes of supplies and medications, sort them, and sign them. It took me quite a bit of time, but the work is done and it makes it easy now to find what we need 🙂
We are thankful to our Lord for bringing us two local young people. They joined us since we first came to Tarawa. They’ve been very helpful to Serge in construction work and daily work for the family. Now we are training them at the clinic, and receiving a lot of help during the clinic hours as well. Our kids are helping us as much as they have time available after completing their daily school assignments. Even though the clinic in Tarawa is different from any other clinic in US, the people still have the same spiritual and physical needs just as anywhere else.
Once again I would like to say a big thanks to Dr. Andreassen and his family for all the donated supplies, medications, and finances he put toward the container shipment. As well as everyone who contributed to this project in any different way to make it happen.
Special thanks to Russian Dr. and Surgeon Alexandr London, Kiribati Dr. Kautu, and Dr. Andreassen for helping us as much as they have time available in difficult for us patient cases.
In this post I’d like to mention John and Carol Dufendach, thank you for donating us a water purification system, for several weeks now our family is enjoying clean, purified water. We stopped having all sorts of stomach issues after we connected the purification system.
Thank you to everyone who is keeping us in their prayers and who continues supporting us financially. Without your support and prayers it would be hard to accomplish as much as we have today.
May the Lord bless you all abundantly,

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  1. Привет, дорогие наши Домасики. ??? Мы с удовольствием читаем ваши очень интересные письма. И благодарны Богу за ваши открытые сердца, что Он может использовать вас там, а нас здесь, помогая вам финансами. Слава Богу за Его благословения. Молимся, чтобы Бог благословил нас финансами намного больше, чтобы мы могли вам помогать ещё больше. .. а также молимся чтобы ваш источник не иссякал, как духовно так физически и финансово. Мы любим вас очень сильно и скучаем. Какие у вас детки умнички, так много вам помогают. Слава Богу за всё !!! С любовью к вам Прэстэгинята ???

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