10 things you might want to ask us about how we live.
1) What was your first impression of the island?
It was hot and dirty, but the people were very kind and welcoming.
2) Where do you live?
We live in the middle of the island, right by the main road, in the Clinic.
3) What water do you use for drinking?
We use filtered rain water for drinking.
4) What do you do during your free time?
During our free time we play board/ card games, go to the beach and watch the waves, read, and/or go to the sea port to fish or just relax.
5) Do you swim?
No, we do not usually swim on the island. If we really want to swim (we usually never want to) we go to the end of the island which has a clean ocean and beach.
6) Are there any fruits and veggies on the island?
Bananas, papaya, and coconut are available at all times, since they grow on the island. There are a few stores that usually always have onion, carrots, cabbage, oranges, and apples, which are imported from Australia.
7) Is there any ice-cream or chocolate on the island?
They have a store that mostly always has ice cream that is made from rain water. It tastes pretty good, but doesn’t compare to ice-cream back home. The same store carries chocolate sometimes, but they are usually out of stock.
8) What is an example of a daily meal?
We eat lots of macaroni and canned food that we brought in the container with frozen fried veggies or cabbage salad and sometimes buy fish or chicken.
9) Are you used to the local life style?
We are not completely used to the local lifestyle, but defiantly more than before. Now we understand better why people here do the things the way they do them.
10) Do you want to go back home?
YES!!! All the time… but we are so glad that we are able to be here and help those in need.

If you have more questions about us or our mission, please feel free to comment below and we will be happy to do another Q&A sometime in the near future.               Domas Child

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