Recent trip to Abemama

Where we slept, at 5 in the morning.



Giving away glasses
Medical check up and giving away glasses
Back adjustment
My friend Siria and I.
Preparing meals on the fire
Local woman weaving a mat


Local hut (housing)
Going back home

Dear friends
My friend Tiria (Siria) and I had 2 weeks of good rest and good work on the island of Abemama. We were happy to have a few days of rest before we started seeing patients. Daily we saw between 10-30 patients. This time our trip didn’t turn out the way we planned and it was shortened for one week. It went better then we expected. The place we planned to stay wasn’t available, and the only other place we could stay was full of rats. So we had a great experience of sleeping by the shore. It was defiantly an unforgettable experience of waves sounds, breeze, and the bright moon. One day we had rain and all our bedding got wet. That night and several nights after we had to sleep in the local house. I told my friend to not be surprise if she’ll hear me screaming during the night, because of the rats. Sure enough, I woke my friend up with screaming and chasing a rat out of our “bed”. The next day we had a good laugh together. This time we had to cook our meals on an open fire and I got to experience REAL life on the outer island 😉 I was happy to see how local woman weave a mat (their bed, or portable mattress) and hear stories of all the work days it involves to make one of them.

We had a good time seeing people for medical checkups, back adjustments and giving away glasses. I was always happy to hear the positive reports from our patients on the treatments we provided recently and our previous family/team trip to Abemama. Their population is lacking patient education which is very needed here. Fresh salted fish, bread and rice is the main food on the islands. Most of the people have no refrigerators or freezers and they have to preserve their fish in the salt in order to provide food for their families for a couple of weeks.The majority of adults have high blood pressure, arthritis, and diabetes. A big percent of the young population has stomach ulsters. Bacterial and fungal infections are very common here, and treatments are practically not available. Most of our patients had back problems. The inner joy, satisfaction and the good reports we experienced each time after all the hard work is hard to explain.

The GREAT news we have to announce, is that the Tarawa Health Center is OFFICIALLY registered and Dr. Kautu and Serge are approved to work at the clinic. At this moment we are looking for a local nurse that could start working at the clinic and stay after our family leaves. About me – I received a phone call in Abemama from main island to return to Tarawa to start volunteering at the main hospital before they could give me an approval.

We know that God is doing His work and in His timing. Our biggest desire is to glorify Our Lord God and share the Good news with all the people around.

Our family would like to express our deepest thank you to everyone who continues supporting us in your prayers and financially. Thank you for being a part of His work on the Pacific Islands.