Coming Home Soon!

To those who are interested when we are coming back to the US, and why we coming so soon?! 😊
OUR WORK IN KIRIBATI IS NOT FINISHED 😀 this is just the beginning!
Our plan is to be in US, WA state at the end of January. Both of our daughters are graduating this school year, and we physically have to be presented in AK, it was a previous agreement with their homeschool. To admit it, I would love and wish to stay longer, and planned earlier, but our family situation is moving us home together 😀 which we are all happy about!

Things are going very well here at the clinic. We are seeing patients Monday – Thursday 9am – 4pm. Staying longer and seeing patients over the weekend if needed. Like I mentioned in my previous update, we have local nurses and volunteer boys helping. From the beginning of the next year we are planning to have a full time nurse who will take charge of this clinic.

Our volunteers (young boys) are accepted in the Fiji New Start (natural medicine) school. Their course will start mid February and will last one year long. After school they will be able to return to Kiribati and serve their people.

I got my Kiribati RN registration, after volunteering at the Hospital for a month and a half. This registration gives me a green light for work on our next visits to Kiribati. The registration and license are given for a lifetime 😊 Should I just move here permanently!? 😊😊 It seems like I’m the first “white” nurse in the history, with overseas RN license who has a Kiribati lifetime license. For sure the Lord moved it that way, for His purpose, and I’m very thankful for it!

Serge and I are planning to visit Kiribati once or twice a year. A lot of work is ahead of us and we feel God’s calling to continue! If any of you would like to join us with our next trips to Kiribati, we would be happy to discuss our plans when we get back to the US.

I can not not mention that our family is eagerly waiting for Dr. Andreassen and his granddaughter Ruby from Alaska! – They are COMING!!!!

I want to thank each of you our friends and family who has been and still is continuously supporting us financially and in your prayers. This is not easy but at the end of the day rewarding for yours and our journeys.

“…..Everything we have has come from You, and we give You only what You first gave us!” 1 Chronicles 29:14


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