Quick Update

The last couple of months we were preparing for our upcoming trip to Kiribati. Our initial plan has changed. We can’t visit Nauru islands in October but will continue working on the governmental approval.
If you are interested in joining our team in the upcoming October trip to Kiribati, we will be happy to welcome you on board ?

Please continue to pray for our forming team. Work on the islands of Kiribati can be challenging due to the hot climate and anti-sanitary environment.

For the first time we decided to try out our new bought LifeStraw mission purification system which can filter 18,000 Litters of water. In the hopes of not having stomach issues with the rain water intake.
In our previous trip to Kiribati and while staying there for one year, our family tried multiple brands of chlorine purification drops which irritated our stomachs and we end up with drinking rain water straight from the water tank. Not alway pleasant and refreshing a specially when u see mosquito larvae swimming in it and a slimy after-taste but enough for our survival (a little taste for you before you go) ? And like I mentioned, I can’t wait to try out our new system ?
If you have any questions you can email me directly @ domasfamily@yahoo.com

Keeps us in your prayers and see you on board!