October 2017 Kiribati Trip

A couple days have passed by since the return of our team from the country of Kiribati. (Joel, his wife Karen and Bethany) all accompanied me on this three week mission trip to Kiribati. Time went by very quickly. It is always challenging to go to an undeveloped country to provide service, because you never know what you could face on the road, with each trip encountering something new :). This time we had trouble in customs and our passports where confiscated. it’s not something we could have ever expected, but we had a great experience in trusting God, and in the faith to see God’s hand with protection and care each day. The Passports where  confiscated due to required paperwork not being submitted to the General Hospital and Immigration office by certain people who were in charge. After 5 days we had approval to do medical work on the islands of Kiribati. Our work begin on the outer Island of Abaiang. Among us we had a local doctor, nurse, and four helpers which were all volunteers. Five days in a row, village after village we were able to see patient’s in the Maneaba’s (place of gathering). In five days we were able to visit one isolated island Ribono. We had 5 stations where different services took place, back adjustments, dispensing of medications, and two stations where the local doctor and a nurse saw their patients as well as a station for prescriptive glasses.  After we returned from the outer island of Abaiang to the main Island of Tarawa the work didn’t stop. During our time on the island we visited a couple SDA churches where patients where being treated from those particular villages. On our last day of work we went to one of the Islands main centers to do medical check-ups, where we got to reach many people successfully. Another way we got to serve the people of Kiribati was through a portable photo printer. Watching how happy the people were when they received their photos was a real highlight of the trip. Some of the most touching moments I had was when we were able to pray for the patients, and tell them about Our God Jesus Christ who loves them and cares for them. Watching tears and joy from the people, and feeling Gods presence melted my heart. Creating thanksgiving to Our Savior who was always there for all His creation to give them hope and a future.  A lot of work has been accomplished but much more is ahead of us.

I would like to express gratitude to our families who supported us. Big thanks’ to all of those who were supporting this trip with prayers and the giving finances making this trip possible! We will continue working together and glorifying our God in all we do!

“I have my 18 year old eyes back”
Our local helpers
village to village
Our wonderful Teera, local RN and friend (yummy coconut water)
height and weight check
keeping records
Joel, printing and giving away photos
Bethany preforming blood sugar checks
Karen dispensing medications