Prayer Request

Family and friends, during the Holidays we are wishing you the gift of love, friendship, and good health. We are grateful to Our Savior for His perfect Gift to All, and for His love and blessings that surround us daily. It is a privilege to see and understand how blessed we are being open and able to help those in need.

On our most recent trip to Kiribati, we visited the Tarawa Hospital and found out from their ER employees, that they are short of basic supplies such as thermometers, oxymeters and sphygmomanometers (blood pressure monitor). Each Ward at the Hospital, and they have six of them, consists up to 40 beds and only one set of vital signs monitors are available to monitor patients vitals. I remember how hard it was to performed any nurses’ tasks while volunteering at the Tarawa Hospital, because of a lack of equipment/supplies. At this time the Tarawa ER has no thermometers. We are planning on shipping a couple of boxes with basic supplies. If any of you are interested in participating in this cause through donating any supplies previously mentioned, we would greatly appreciate your help.

We would like to ask you for your prayers, so God would continue to use us, and open many opportunities to serve His people close and far. This Holiday Season let us cherish family and friends and keep each other in our thoughts and prayers.

Emergency Room at the Tarawa Hospital
ER at Tarawa Hospital

~ Nadia