Got our working visas and visas for our children.

Our family would like to express our deepest gratitude to Search for One Mission president Gary Morgan for finding time to come from Abemama island to meet us, as well as to help us with processing our visas. Praise the Lord we have One year visas in our kids and our passports as well as work permits. We were happy to have John and Sarah with us for a day on their way home to Australia from their mission trip in Abemama. We are enjoying the presence of our friend Bruce here, and are very thankful for his time and all the work and support we receiving from him this time.

We are continuing on working with the hospital on the approval of the clinic opening. The latest news we received from the Hospital Director of Nursing is that my paperwork needs to be processed and approved by the Nursing Department and it will involve their lawyers. Serge needs to be approved by the doctor comity and after all we need to receive a building permit, after we do our clinic remodeling and set up. This process is new to them because our clinic is the first non-government clinic with foreign workers on the island. They are not sure them-selfs what is exactly evolved in this process. We will be patiently waiting and continuing to work on remodeling and setting up the clinic building. So, it seems like a long way to go but we know everything will be in God’s timing.

Some of you asked if we got any diseases so far, while staying here. For one month of our stay in Tarawa a couple of us had ear infections, couple of us had boils, almost all of us had different skin rashes / allergies after working on the clinic building, as well as one of us had an eye infection and two of us had the flu. Seems like a lot for only a month, but we are trying to stay positive ๐Ÿ˜‰ and keep in mind that we are adapting to this weather and the surroundings, although it will be hard to adapt to the smell on the island ๐Ÿ™‚

The electricity on the island is $0.80 cents per kilowatt, when in WA it is $0.04 cents. We are washing our clothes by hand, each time while the washing process is going we remember how “hard” it was doing our laundry back home ๐Ÿ˜‰ in the future we are planning to buy a washing machine. It would save us a lot of our time. Doing the laundry for our family of six here, takes half a day, a couple times a week….. ๐Ÿ™‚

We still don’t have plumbing, electricity and drinking water in the clinic building. The problem that we found with the electricity, is the 120 foot main electric cable from the building was damaged witch will be costly for us to replace. A lot of repair needs to be done prior using the building for our stay and the clinic.

Please continue to pray with us for the clinic approval and God’s hand and financial support while the clinic gets remodeled.

Nadia and Family



Hello our dear family and friends.

One more week passed by. We are continuing on working on the building remodeling as well as on our paperwork for the clinic approval. The Search for One team that we were supposed to meet on Monday delayed with their arrival to Tarawa due to the cancellation of the flight from Fiji because of the storm. They had to leave Tarawa to Abemama in 30 min of their arrival. We had no chance to spend any time together with the Search for One team, but we are very happy to have Bruce Boriack with us today and for three weeks to come.

Many of you are asking if our rat problem got better, so we bought some poison, and because of yours and our prayers we could tell that it is getting better. We also asked one of the local Church members to help us cover windows with mosquito nets, it would as well help to protect rats from entering the building through the windows. Kiribati rats can climb walls, palm trees and get into the buildings through the windows ๐Ÿ™‚

Electric power on the island is off from 7:30am to 5:30pm due to the road construction. We still have no electricity at the clinic building. They have different kind of issues to turn power on at the building. We are happy to have generator at our site that came in the container donated by Andrey Torba. Basically we are using the generator every day to do our work construction.

We are trying to paint some walls inside of the building. Paint is extremely expensive here, one gallon cost $55-65. In the building we have a metal roof and no sealing at the clinic building. Without the sealing, the building stays extremely hot, so now we are working on finding materials as well as finances to cover the sealing.

We trust in the Lord and we know He provides everything on time.

Thank you for all your prayers. Please continue to pray for our proposal approval, work permits, and visas, this is the most important requests we have for today.

May God bless you and your families with His presence this week.

Love, Domas Family.

New pictures

911 001 911 002 911 003 911 010 911 015 911 018 911 026 911 028 Pictures by Serge

The first four pictures: exploring the island, the trophies left from World War 2.

The 5th and 6th pictures: continuous work on the building

The 7th and 8th pictures: water baptism that we had at the church we attended

Progressive week

Hi everyone, we had a good and productive week. Our clinic construction work is moving along. At the same time we are working on our visas extensions and clinic proposal with the local authorities. Local SDA Mission are very helpful to us. On Monday we have another teem Search for One from US coming through Tarawa Island on the way to Abemama Island. They might stay and help us for couple of days. We are also looking forward to meeting our friend Bruce Boriack to stay with us and spend couple of weeks on the clinic project.
New prayer requests:
Please continue to pray for the clinic project
We still have a rat problem
Please pray for our proposal approval and work permits. Thank you for your prayers, we miss you all.
See attached pictures.

  1. Photo 1 &2 – Fellowship at the Church
  2. Photo 3 – Morning school bus
  3. Photo 4 & 5 & 6 – Kiribati housing and kids

imageimageimageimageimageDomas family.

Prayer request

Hello everyone,

We have a problem. Please pray. In our clinic building we have a lot of rats.ย  We are facing a problem right now. The rats are destroying our food and medications. Sadly everything we moved from the container has to go back to the container until we solve this problem. The buildings around all have rats as well. The locals are saying that they can not kill the rats, because they are superstitious and believe that the rats will pay them back. We believe in prayers, please pray with us.

Serge & Nadia

Thank you to Tarawa youth!

We are very blessed to have one of the biggest building in Tarawa offered to use for the clinic purposes by Tarawa SDA Mission. We would like to express big thanks to local youth and their pastor for all their hard work, help, and participation in cleaning the building and unloading the container. We also had a chance to meet Minister of Health, thank you all for your prayers. Meeting went well. H IMG_0714 IMG_0672 IMG_0686 IMG_0698 is welcoming our family touched our hearts. He is very exited about our work on the island.

We miss you all our friends and family!

Love ~ Nadia and family



We made it to Tarawa!! :)

Dear family and friends, we would like to inform you that we got to Kiribati safely and had warm welcoming from our Kiribati friends. We had some issues prior entering the country with our kids visas, but the Lord is great everything is sorted out and we didnโ€™t have to miss our plane from Fiji to Tarawa. At the present moment while we are staying here we are working on our kids visas.
We had a chance to see the place offered to us by Kiribati SDA Mission for clinic purposes. The place could be used for the clinic, but it has to be fixed and cleaned prior. A lot of work needs to be done before we can sort out our supplies from the container. The plumbing, doors and more at the building are not in working condition as well as inside. A complete remodel needs to be done before we can start the clinic.
The weather here is sunny. While we were here one day and night we had rain. We are really happy because it cools off the heat in the air. You all know that we are from Alaska so our body temperature needs to get use to the equator weather.
Next Monday we are planning to meet Kiribati Minister of Health. Many questions need to be covered. We are asking for your special prayer over this, as well as overall for this project and for the family.
For anyone that was wondering our address here in Tarawa is:
SDA Mission
For: Serge and Nadia Domas
Korobu, Tarawa island
Repulic of Kiribati

We miss all of you our dear friends and family. May God be with you all.
Nadia and familykristina 1250177179187Serge 02-05-2016 1188Serge 02-05-2016 1183Serge 02-05-2016 1192

Family reunion

We had a great time with our family in Washington. These few days brought so much joy. It was amazing to see our family and pray together and share great things that God is doing in our lives and families.

Tomorrow we are flying out to Fiji. Where we will be waiting a few days for our flight to Tarawa. We are looking forward to meeting our friends once again.

Hope everyone had an amazing week, thank you for your continuous prayers. ย – Nadiaย photo 1 (1)photo 2