Thank you to Tarawa youth!

We are very blessed to have one of the biggest building in Tarawa offered to use for the clinic purposes by Tarawa SDA Mission. We would like to express big thanks to local youth and their pastor for all their hard work, help, and participation in cleaning the building and unloading the container. We also had a chance to meet Minister of Health, thank you all for your prayers. Meeting went well. H IMG_0714 IMG_0672 IMG_0686 IMG_0698 is welcoming our family touched our hearts. He is very exited about our work on the island.

We miss you all our friends and family!

Love ~ Nadia and family



We made it to Tarawa!! :)

Dear family and friends, we would like to inform you that we got to Kiribati safely and had warm welcoming from our Kiribati friends. We had some issues prior entering the country with our kids visas, but the Lord is great everything is sorted out and we didn’t have to miss our plane from Fiji to Tarawa. At the present moment while we are staying here we are working on our kids visas.
We had a chance to see the place offered to us by Kiribati SDA Mission for clinic purposes. The place could be used for the clinic, but it has to be fixed and cleaned prior. A lot of work needs to be done before we can sort out our supplies from the container. The plumbing, doors and more at the building are not in working condition as well as inside. A complete remodel needs to be done before we can start the clinic.
The weather here is sunny. While we were here one day and night we had rain. We are really happy because it cools off the heat in the air. You all know that we are from Alaska so our body temperature needs to get use to the equator weather.
Next Monday we are planning to meet Kiribati Minister of Health. Many questions need to be covered. We are asking for your special prayer over this, as well as overall for this project and for the family.
For anyone that was wondering our address here in Tarawa is:
SDA Mission
For: Serge and Nadia Domas
Korobu, Tarawa island
Repulic of Kiribati

We miss all of you our dear friends and family. May God be with you all.
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Family reunion

We had a great time with our family in Washington. These few days brought so much joy. It was amazing to see our family and pray together and share great things that God is doing in our lives and families.

Tomorrow we are flying out to Fiji. Where we will be waiting a few days for our flight to Tarawa. We are looking forward to meeting our friends once again.

Hope everyone had an amazing week, thank you for your continuous prayers.  – Nadia photo 1 (1)photo 2

Quick update

Dear friends we would like to update you on our journey to Tarawa. We are happy to inform you that our container made it safely to Tarawa, although we received a message that customs went through it and it was a mess after words.  Despite this, we are very excited to know that our medical supplies, medications and much more are waiting for us on the island.

We have other great news and many of you already know, we purchased our tickets to Kiribati. A huge thanks to Val and Olga Torba for sponsoring our family flight from Seattle to Tarawa and Omar and Nadia Prostegvin for sponsoring our family flight from Fairbanks to Seattle, as well as Dr. Andreassen for taking care of our stay on Fiji while we will be waiting on our flight  to Tarawa.


We would like to express our deepest thanks to each and everyone of you for all your time, prayers and financial support throughout this preparation for our upcoming trip. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

With love – Nadia

One of the names of God is Jehovah Jireh, and that means, “the Lord our provider”, and also, “the Lord will provide”.

I am constantly amazed when I see God’s work. Throughout this entire project, numerous times, we have all seen the Lord’s hand working. Now, another step in our journey.
Recently my youngest son Mark and I returned home to Alaska from another project in the States.

The project we were working on was to obtain donated medical equipment in the state of Utah, and then deliver it to the state of Washington. This will be shipped later to the island of Tarawa.
Before we even began working on this project, God was providing all of the necessary finances, tickets to and from AK to Washington, through the local church and many friends. His
Mighty Hand orchestrated even the smallest plans and details of the trip.

The biggest role God is using, is to work through other people. It all started when our friend Dr. Donald N. Marquardt decided to help our mission work by donating an almost new X-Ray
unit and lots of other expensive medical equipment. When we first found out about his offer, it was hard to believe that it was true! Working in the medical field, my wife Nadia and I
understand how extremely expensive this kind of equipment is.

Dr. Marquardt lives in the beautiful city of Moab, UT. It is surrounded by naturally formed arches and rocks of various kinds. The hospitality and kindness of the people from Moab made
us feel at home. It was a busy 3 days. Our friend Bob Fullmer and my son Mark got busy building crates and boxes for the medical equipment. I was working on disconnecting and
taking apart the X-Ray unit. The job had continued from early morning till late in the night. Three days later we were ready to load all of the equipment onto the truck and trailer.

To be honest, I am not always a man of ‘Great Faith’. For example, on the third day when we were ready to load, I was starting to panic inside. I saw how difficult it would be to load a lot of
heavy equipment with only a few people. But as you all know, God is always faithful. He is our supplier. As friends in the church back in Alaska were praying, God sent people we didn’t
even personally know, to help us load.

I would like to mention one person, Doug Carroll. He came to help us that day. This man was so cleaver that he probably replaced 5 people. He brought a special cart that we used.
For example, one of the X-Ray lead doors weighed around 700 lbs.

We are grateful to our Lord for every person that He has sent to help us with the project. I would like to say thanks to everyone who has helped in any way, whether by prayers, financial support,
or any other way. My deepest gratitude and thanks go to; Dr. Marquardt, Dr. Andreassen, Bob Fullmer, Wendell Ward, Doug Carroll, Mary Kaspary, Michael Zyalik, Val Torba, Julia Fullmer, Tobin Dodge, Michelle Pester, Gary Morgan, Gary Blazek. Also, thank you to our local Amazing Grace Church and Seventh Day Adventist Church of Delta Junction, without whom this project would be impossible.

Now to our God and Father be the glory forever and ever! Amen.
Philippians 4:20


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Trip to Washington

Dear friends and family. We could not express the gratitude in our hearts for all your encouragement and help. We would like to thank you for all your donations and financial support.  Last night we came back from our trip to Washington state where our family, my wife, and I gathered all the medical supplies, medications, household items, some food and many other supplies for upcoming trip to  Tarawa. May God bless you all abundantly for all your hard work. Thank once again.

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Our Previous Mission To Tarawa


Tarawa Mission

Medical Work These are some of our local friends and medical team.

One of the work days on our mission.

This is the Previous trip we took to the Island of Tarawa the capital of the Kiribati. This was a Medical Mission trip in which we helped the local people with their Medical problems, assisted them in other deeds and spread Gods love.  Here are some of the photos we have from this trip Enjoy.


Medical Mission

Dear Friends,

In March of 2014, we had the privilege of joining our friend Dr. Andreassen on a short medical mission trip to the Gilbert Islands.  From that experience, we found that the need for medical care was insufficient and absolutely overwhelming.  Therefore, we decided to open a Medical Clinic on the island of TARAWA , to help fulfill   this need of medical necessity,  by providing services on  a longer mission trip, of at least one year.  Our family will be in charge of opening and operating the remote clinic there, and Doctor Andreassen is our medical advisor.

Our intent is to bring people closer to Christ through service.  This is a two fold  mission and is intended to help and improve both their temporary and physical needs, as well as their, spiritual needs.  Our focus will be on providing urgently needed medical care to their nation and on educating them on the basics principles of personal hygiene and wellness.

We will also be educating them on the effects that polluting their surrounding Ocean and physical environment has on their personal Health and well being.  We feel as we are able to serve them medically, they will better be able to focus on their spiritual needs, thus bringing them unto Christ.

At this time, we are still falling short on resources that will be of great use to our Clinic’s mission.  We would like to invite you to become a part of this ministry and participate in financial support of any kind. It will be with grateful hearts that we will put these funds to good use in serving these families.

We would like to thank you in advance for any and all of the help, and especially your prayers. Also, we appreciate the time you have taken to consider this request.


Serge, Nadia and Family.